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A Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business
SBA Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned-Certified

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Do you have a condition and wonder if it’s related to your military service?

Has your VA disability claim been denied, or do you want to avoid denial?

Do you have a condition and wonder if it’s related to your military service?
VA disability claims and nexus letters


SAME physicians offer high-quality services for military veterans from all armed service branches (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Space Force). We provide medical record reviews, physical examinations, and nexus letters for VA disability claims. We help veterans “Ask” the right question to the VA and make sure they gather all the necessary medical evidence to support their case. We are also blunt; if we cannot help you, we will not string you along and will recommend other services that might best fit you.


Examples of valid VA claims

  • Did you develop a chronic illness you believe is secondary to your military service?

  • Did you enter the military with a condition, and your service aggravated your pre-existing condition?

  • Has your military occupation exposed you to toxic or hazardous materials?

  • Did you serve in combat and sustain injuries unreported to the military?

  • Did you take prescribed medication for a service-connected condition that resulted in a complication?

  • Airborne/paratrooper veteran with chronic joint pain?

  • Are you a Gulf War or Vietnam veteran who developed skin cancer?

  • Are you suffering from mental health problems like anxiety, PTSD, or depression?

* These are just a few examples of cases our experts deal with and are only part of the complete list*



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